Albino Bristlenose Plecostomus Is A Great Algae Eater For Your Freshwater Aquarium

One of the most popular and best algae eating catfish is called the plecostomus (pleco for short.)   When shopping for a pleco you will find them attached to the inside of an aquarium with their sucker mouth, laying on the gravel or a resting on a piece of driftwood.  A pleco makes a great addition for most community aquarium but there is one huge drawback.

The plecotomus sold most often in pet and aquarium stores, can grow quite large, over a foot long or more.  Although these pleco’s are inexpensive they will outgrow most fish tanks.  The solution is a cool peaceful fish known as the albino Bristlenose Bushy Nose plecostomus.  This pleco gets its name from bristles, that develop on the head of mature males.  The females only have a few small bristles, around the rim of their head. This little guy only grow to four and a half inches long.  There  small adult size make them a perfect addition form most community aquariums.  The bristles are used to detect fish food.  Not only are they available in other colors there is even a long fin species.